by Judion Smith


Loving yourself is an experience you cannot afford to miss.

Self-love is a basic need that plays an important role when desiring a positive and healthy mindset. Self-love is not a luxury, but rather a necessity. A lack of self-love means entrusting or relying on another to fulfil that basic need. Being reliant on others to provide such a basic and valuable need is unhealthy, because receiving it cannot be guaranteed.


We must give to ourselves the type of unconditional love that lets us go above and beyond to ensure that we are not deprived of this basic need. This is by no means a selfish or egoistic act, but rather ensuring that at least one person accepts and appreciates you. Self-love is ensuring that your well-being is catered for and you do not entrust that responsibility to anyone else. It is also refusing to sacrifice your well-being for others and making yourself a priority.


Love in its essence must be expressed and felt. It is the kind of emotion that makes another whole. When desiring to love others, one must first be a recipient of the same love. It is impossible to express to another something that you have not experienced. You cannot pour anything from an empty cup. The Bible says that we should love our neighbours as ourselves. The former part of the commandment is to love your neighbour. The latter part, “as yourself,” is a clear indication that you must first love yourself.


With this new day that you have been given, I challenge you to start afresh on your self-love journey. I dare you to look in the mirror and tell the person who is looking back at you that “I am going to learn to love you. You deserve love.” Love is the greatest gift you can give to yourself, but you must believe that you are worth it.

Ways to practice self-love:

  • Be good to yourself, because you cannot guarantee others will be good to you.
  • Prioritise yourself. Others may never prioritise you.
  • Don’t be overly critical of yourself. Others don’t need any help in doing that.
  • Embrace who you are. You are most valuable being authentic.
  • Use affirmations to affirm yourself every day.
  • Be compassionate with yourself. Accept your flaws, shortcomings and all.
  • Never compare yourself to others. Your level of uniqueness cannot be matched.
  • See mistakes as lessons learnt.
  • Be around positive people that feed your soul.
  • Be of service to others by sharing your passion.


Love is a daily antidote that you cannot afford not to take. It has the power to heal, cure and restore. Loving yourself is an experience you cannot afford to miss. All the best in loving yourself without judgement and limits. Receive with love.x







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