by Judion Smith

Self-care is a deliberate and self-initiated action that greatly benefits one’s psychological wellbeing.

Self-care is a deliberate and self-initiated action that greatly benefits one’s psychological wellbeing. Maintaining good health is the result of caring for yourself in a way where you make a conscious decision to intentionally do the things that are necessary for you to be in a good place physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially. Your wellbeing is important. It is what preserves and maintains your mental health. Even a machine breaks down if it is not cared for. Self-care is not a selfish act. It enables you to be in a good relationship with yourself so you are in a better position to be in a good relationship with others.


Often times, the same care we give to others we do not give to ourselves. We make a deliberate decision to make others happy at the expense of our own happiness. Life is balanced when everyone benefits and nothing is done at the detriment of ourselves or others. Caring for yourself is your responsibility and cannot be entrusted to another, unless you are unable to do so. You can only give your best when you are in a healthy place.


How to initiate self-care:


  • Take the time to breathe freely. This is when you unplug yourself from everything and everyone that are depleting you.
  • Live a balanced life. Don’t do anything at the detriment of another. Your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional needs are equally as important.
  • Do something that energises your body and frees your mind (e.g. exercise)
  • Eat healthily, not comfortably. Food is more than just satisfying your tastebuds. It is medicine.
  • Prioritise what matters. Don’t major in minor things.
  • Engage with your passion. This is the most fulfilling journey.
  • Be deliberate with your intentions. Don’t do things for the sake of it. Life is too short and time is of the essence.
  • Set healthy boundaries that protect yourself and others.
  • Let go of the past. Only the lessons from the past are important.
  • Don’t reduce yourself to the judgements and limitation of others. People will have their opinions about you. If they don’t reflect your truth, keep doing you.
  • Don’t accept the invitation to people’s chaos.


Make a conscious decision today to not self-neglect and give to your mind, body and soul what they truly need.

Receive with love. x



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