by Judion Smith

Through your limited sense of self or tainted lenses, you may look at your present self and think that you are worthless. This is one lie you cannot afford to believe.

One’s worth is often mistakenly entrusted to others to determine. To be ‘accepted’ of having worth, one must be, to some extent, sufficiently good and interesting. When left to others to decide, your worth may appear to have no real value and as a result, receive no real attention.

Society measures worth according to class and level of consumption. For some reason, what you can afford to buy is an indication of how much money you have, and as a result, determine your value. It is your subjective evaluation of yourself that produces the real value.

Self-worth is not an accumulation of assets. It is more about your intrinsic value, your unique qualities that make you bring something of great value to others and make your highest contribution to this world.

Knowing and understanding your self-worth is the beginning of a journey you could never imagine. The lack of validation of your worth from another doesn’t mean that you hold no true value.

Your personal value is a result of what you feel inside. How you see yourself will set a standard of how others see you and determine what you accept.

Your opinion of yourself is everything. The value you place on yourself is everything. As a result of how you feel, you will exude confidence in yourself.

We all have great value and worth within us. We are priceless creatures. Anything that has unlimited potential is priceless. The possibilities to become someone phenomenal and do extraordinary things is amazing. You can add to your value every single day.

The bible says that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. It also says that we are created in the image of God. This is amazingly phenomenal. What a gift to be created in the image of such a creative and sovereign being. We carry traits of our creator. This means we were born equipped, carrying in us treasures of worth. All we need is awareness and the right nurturing to manifest what we are entrusted with.

What we have within us will not manifest at its greatest potential. We must be at a place where we know its true value. This is why the process is important. Sometimes, we are nurtured by others who don’t know our true worth. As a result, they pass onto us their own limitations, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

Today, you may have failed to see your true value. Through your limited sense of self or tainted lenses, you may look at your present self and think that you are worthless. This is one lie you cannot afford to believe. You are not a finished product. You are growing and becoming. Give yourself permission to go through the process that will allow you to grow into who you were truly meant to be. You have the potential to manifest all the worth you have within.

Here are some ways you can cultivate and nurture your self-worth:

  • Speak positively to and of yourself.
  • Affirm yourself that you are of great value.
  • See yourself as authentic and unique.
  • Focus on your intrinsic value.
  • Never compare yourself to others.
  • Have compassion for yourself.
  • Monitor your self-talk and challenge the inner critic.

All the best in acknowledging and believing that you are a person of worth. x




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