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by Judion Smith

Judion Smith

Judion Smith is a 35-year-old self-professed ambassador for Jesus Christ and a mother to two amazing boys, Ray-Jay and Ray-Mar Haynes. The author of four published books ‘Beautiful Mind: Even With a Shattered Soul’, ‘A Guide For Young Minds: Capturing The Essence Of Time,’ ‘Conscious Quotes’ and ‘My Sanity Is Mine To Keep’. Judion is an aspiring psychotherapist and an ambassador for ‘walking in purpose.’ She believes that within our authenticity and individuality, lies our greatness, and is devoted to nurturing the extraordinary through information, inspiration, and transformation. She also believes that we are extraordinary beings with the essence of greatness embedded in our soul and that we are equipped with that which is necessary to sustain us.

One of Judion Smith’s core value is that, though we face rejections for many aspiring positions, it doesn’t mean that we are incompetent and of no great use, but we are fit for our purpose.  She believes that we are purposeful, and the identification of our purpose is found in whatever comes naturally to us with the least effort. “To have a natural ability to do something you did not pursue is a clear indication that you were entrusted with it and have a responsibility to make it manifest. I didn’t choose to write; writing chose me. Writing is my impartation to the world. I have been writing for as long as I can remember. I started with poetry and short stories. For an extended period, I put writing on hold to pursue other things. It was when other things began rejecting me that I went back to what came naturally to me. It is with every intention that I intend to fulfill my purpose by manifesting what I possess. I aim to, through writing: inspire, inform to transform and motivate to elevate. Let us together, do that which is necessary to impart that which we were entrusted with, as our contribution to this generation and the next.

Receive with love x.

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