You Can…You Will…You Must

Judion Smith/ October 23, 2019/ Blog Posts/ 0 comments

YOU CAN… Simply because it’s God’s desire for you. God has entrusted us with gifts and talents, which is one of the many indications that ‘we can.’ Within us is the power and ability to do amazing and incredible things. Our potential and capacity to do what we are passionate about is very much intact. The constraint of knowledge is

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Trust the Process to Equip You to Maintain the Result

Judion Smith/ September 15, 2019/ Blog Posts/ 0 comments

We all have desires to do great things and reap the rewards. Some want to be an honourable, memorable and remarkable hero. Other’s desire may be a bit more self-centred so they can live an affluent lifestyle. Whatever the intention, there is a necessary process to achieving and maintaining success. This process cannot be avoided or sidestepped. The one behind

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Change Your Mind’s Perspective Of You

Judion Smith/ September 2, 2019/ Blog Posts/ 0 comments

One cannot live beyond the limitations of what they allow themselves to believe and accept. One cannot become their higher self unless they become enlightened about the possibilities and potential of not having to settle for mediocrity but becoming extraordinary. One cannot move into a higher dimension of self without the consciousness that it is possible, and it is their

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Life Owes You Nothing…You Owe Life Your Everything…

Judion Smith/ August 11, 2019/ Blog Posts, Uncategorized/ 0 comments

To understand the concept of life is to be enlightened about its purpose and discover what it means to you. It is to become conscious of the possibilities, identify our potentials, and accept certain limitations or boundaries. It is also to be accepting of the inevitable, being realistic with our expectation and disciplined enough to make things happen for ourselves.

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