Change Your Mind’s Perspective Of You

by Judion Smith

One cannot live beyond the limitations of what they allow themselves to believe and accept. One cannot become their higher self unless they become enlightened about the possibilities and potential of not having to settle for mediocrity but becoming extraordinary. One cannot move into a higher dimension of self without the consciousness that it is possible, and it is their God-given ability. Our mental states determine to what extent we become, as we analyse and assess only of what we are conscious. Our viewpoint on life determines our approach, attitude, position, and stance. We cannot understand the unlimited possibilities that life has to offer from a closed mind or limited perception. A life that is unproductive, full of frustration, lacking motivation, and has negative thoughts is a life desperate for change. A renewed mindset, or a reprogrammed mind is what it will take to change the perception and possibilities of your tomorrow, but you have to do it today.

One of the most determinant factors in having a perspective on ourselves is our identity. Who we think we are is either a conclusion of how others or we perceive us. Society too has its perception of us, because of our connection to other people. That perception gives us an identity that sometimes causes us to sacrifice our own individual identity just to fit in. We are what we become accustomed to, and it governs our behaviour and expectations. We sometimes think or act in a way that is the norm and dare not to do anything else, as we conceal the unfamiliar parts of us that are bursting to be free. One of the most liberating acts is to come to a place or level of consciousness that is necessary to propel us into our more amazing and fulfilling self. That consciousness is to realise that, as much as we are a product of nature (genes) and nurture (environment), we can freely decide who we eventually become. This can only happen through enlightenment. There is no limitation on how much knowledge we can attain and how open-minded we can be. Despite a few inevitable barriers because of things such as race, greatness cannot be ignored, and extraordinary cannot be dismissed. Don’t believe me? Ask Usain Bolt, Maya Angelou, Oprah Winfrey, and countless others. It is our perception of ourselves that limits us. The standard of society should never be allowed to limit our perception of ourselves with the pre-setting of culture or norms. History is still in the making and we are game changers.

One stronghold that influences our perspective of ourselves is past events.  We must be very mindful that we do not view our future self from our past lens. There cannot be an equal balance in moving backward and forwards. Where we have been does not determine where we are going. Our experience might be the kind that lacks moral stance. A moral compass might not have guided us, and our actions might have caused grave consequences or other’s pain. The decisions we once made in survival mode might have now proven to be immoral and threatening to our future. It is now time to change the perspective of ourselves regardless of our experience. We have the chance to unlearn old behaviours that profit us nothing. The fact that our experience did not bring us to our demise, mean there is hope. Therefore, let no one conclude that where you are now is your final destination, as you are going through the process of becoming. Not even you. Only the one who created you can tell you who you are and who you can potentially become. We have every potential to change and become a better version of ourselves and an asset to society. We must refrain from been held captive to our experience at the expense of manifesting the uniqueness and greatness that lays in our mature self. So now with the new lease of life, we receive every morning, let us equipped ourselves with the new mentality that:

·      Today I start a new chapter.

·      Today is a new day to unlearn and learn.

·      Today is the new beginning of my forever.

·      Today I am equipped with the lessons from yesterday.

·      Today I am committed to becoming the best version of myself.

·      Today I seek the type of information that will allow my behaviour and attitude to change for the better.

It is time for us to see ourselves through the lens of the one who created us. This is so we can have access to the divine truth of who we are despite where we have been. A renewed mind will take us back to the truth, that we are created in God’s image and he has a far greater plan for us than even we have for ourselves. Culture has limited our belief in self. Society, to some extent, has put a leash on our potential. It is time for us to remove the barriers placed on us. We need to do what appears impossible to others but possible for us; unfamiliar to others but quite familiar to us, uncomfortable for others but very much our comfort zone. With our level of individuality, uniqueness, and authenticity, we cannot afford to be governed by a limited perception of ourselves, just because we were born into a culture that is already defined or a society that is to a large extent already made. We have within us the antidote for change and newness, so that our generation and the next can evolve further. It is time to believe in our subjective view of ourselves, despite the objective view of others, so we can ignite the ability that is necessary to maximise our potential. With that being said, our new perspective should now be:

  • I am destined for greatness.
  • I am an extraordinary being.   
  • I have greatness within.
  • I am fully equipped.
  • I was born to win.
  • I have all it takes.

So with this revelation of truth, be confident in who you are. Be exceptional at what you do. Be determined with your desires. Be fearless in your pursuit. All it takes to become the best version of you is a manifestation of who you truly are, with a little extra nurturing and development. Receive with love x.

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