Who You Are Is Enough

by Judion Smith

Today, take a look at who you are, and the unique gifts you possess, and express gratitude.

We must unapologetically embrace who we truly are. This may take every ounce of courage we have. We may find ourselves negotiating with others to accept who we are, and, upon rejection, we may come to the conclusion that it was a result of us not being good enough. There is not an ounce of truth in this. We must first be true to who we are, with the utmost assurance that, because it is a manifestation of who we are within, others will just have to adjust in due time. This is because the essence of our freedom lies in the expression of who we truly are and not in the conception of what our ideal self should be.


One of the things that causes us to reject our true expression of ourselves is comparison. Comparison to others lets us think that who we are – or what we possess – is not enough. When compared to the status quo, who we truly are appears to not be enough. That is the most sabotaging experience, in the sense that we are not a mere repeat of what has come before. What we bring to the table is unique and impactful in a way that gives others a new and more elevating experience.


Our level of uniqueness should be embraced and appreciated. Our uniqueness means that what we have is by no means a replication of anything/anyone else. What use would you be if you were just a mere repeat of someone else? You will only become valid when the other person is no longer active. You will only be a reserve for when that person is not able to show up. Your uniqueness is your power and the very thing that will enable you to make a distinct mark in this world.


What we seek in life is not validation but the freedom to let our expression be free without the obstruction of others’ perceptions of what or how we should be. When we live a life from within, we don’t need someone else to confirm its validity. What we need is sufficient space to manifest, grow and evolve.


Today, take a look at who you are, and the unique gifts you possess, and express gratitude. The moment you are thankful for the innate gifts and abilities with which God has entrusted you, and you believe that you were given them according to your present and future ability to manage them effectively, you will grow exponentially. You will realise that your gifts have levels and your aim should be to get to the highest dimension. Don’t let comparisons cause you to reject the very thing that was supposed to have you seated amongst great men. If you imitate another, only the original will be seated at the table. So, be your amazing, creative and unique self. The world needs you in every bit of your authenticity and creativity.

Receive with love. x

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