by Judion Smith

2020 promised us a year of clear vision. We anticipated having clarity in whatever it was that we passionately pursued. With that level of vision, we expected that we would thrive in our pursuit…only to be faced with a pandemic that left many having little to no hope. The fear of death has gripped its arms around the necks of many, to the extent that they were alive but still struggling to breathe. The feelings of anxiety, uncertainty and fear, as to what was next and for how long, consumed many (if not all) of us, and were enough to kill anyone – even before the virus did.  We wanted it to be over so we could get to the other side, even without knowing what awaited us. What was evident to us all was that our norm was disrupted.


One thing that we are almost confident of is that “this too shall pass.” COVID-19 may have restricted our movements, but not our ability to be creative. With our time in lock down, many of us had to be so self-reliant that we discovered abilities we never knew we had, as we challenged ourselves with things outside of our comfort zone. We braided our own hair, perfectly polished our own nails and did our own gardening (and so much more!). With all that we learned about others and ourselves, we now must make a conscious decision in order to move forward effectively and efficiently. Now, the question is are we going to live a life of repetition, or are we ready to evolve in our authenticity with the desire to produce more?  There is an awakening to a new reality that should cultivate the greatness that is already within us. We must live a life of great intentions and meaningfulness. We must not only survive this experience but also come out on the other side with the lessons that are sufficient for us to thrive.


Many of us are constantly working to self-evolve and the lack of this accomplishment can leave us feeling unfulfiled. There are ways to evolve our personality, mental capacities, relationships and actions.  This is, however, based on having a conscious intent. We must have a personal desire to change, grow and evolve so we can be of great benefit to ourselves, others and the world at large. Our personal well-being and our ultimate fulfilment are a result of us experiencing our highest state of being that is achieved through growth and development.


Here are 5 ways you can evolve:


  1. Identify and build upon your authenticity – Being genuine is the grandest gift you can give to yourself and the most credible foundation upon which you can start to evolve. Your genuine self-expression is enough to make your greatest contribution to this world. You cannot evolve from a place that is not in tune with who you truly are. In your state of authenticity, you will grow, evolve and become the best version of you.


  1. Heighten your self-awareness – Knowing who you are will propel you to act outside the box and do so in an unapologetic manner. Your behaviour will then be in tune with the person you truly want to be. Once you become even more self-aware, be bold enough to live your truth. Sometimes, who you discover yourself to be can be daunting, for yourselves and others, only because it’s not familiar, but commit yourself to be you anyway. Being true to yourself is self-liberating, as the usual self limits what you demonstrate and causes an internal conflict within.


  1. Self-development – How you presently see yourself is not your highest peak of potential – there are layers and layers still to unravel. There are aspects of you that are not yet revealed. You will never cease to become, as your environment and new reality will continue to change your desires. In this state of development, you embrace and appreciate your unique creativity, knowing that it is not manifested in its highest form, and there is room for growth.


  1. Pursue self-mastery – This has nothing to do with perfection; it is purely awareness of your thoughts, emotions, reactions, likes, dislikes, conscious and subconscious programming. Self-mastery puts us in a position to be rational, as opposed to being easily distracted or lead astray to things that could derail us from our desired destiny. The heightened level of focus that comes with self-mastery will give clarity to whatever is most important to us. Therefore, we become purpose driven, which leads to a fulfiling life.


  1. See your challenges as an opportunity to grow – It is through challenges that we know our strengths and weaknesses. Challenges unravel layers we never knew we had. Sometimes, when we find ourselves in certain situations, we are faced with the decision whether to sink or swim. This is when we decide that, even if we are not swimmers, we make a conscious decision not to drown. We are then adamant that we will make it to shore. That is when we discover resilience we never knew we had.


COVID-19 forced a change that makes our next move imperative. Everything from this point will depend on the opportunities you found as a result of your experience. Once you become an evolved person, you will experience a higher self-purpose where you have greater intentions for yourself and the world at large. You will be spiritually in tune with your highest self and will only manifest the life you were meant to live. You will be able to make your highest level of contribution and leave behind a legacy. So, commit yourself to a whole new journey that will change the whole trajectory of your life.

Receive with love. x















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