by Judion Smith

Knowledge of self is one of the most liberating acts. Knowing who you are is an empowering encounter as you get to engage with the core of your being. Your unique nature, ability, character and personality are just some of the ways to understand who you are. The consciousness of who you are, and your potential to grow and become, will cause you to be aware that you are enough. In that moment, you realise that you have so many amazing things about you. There are hidden treasures in every layer of your true self. It will then amaze you how much you possess and how you don’t need to look outside yourself for validation and confirmation. After realising who you are, your next move is to give to the world the unfiltered and uncompromising version of the person you discovered.


One of the revelations from having knowledge of your true self is that you are aware of your authenticity.  This level of awareness will change the whole trajectory of your life. The need to be aware of this truth is very profound, as it inspires you to be curious about the benefits that come with being one of a kind. This level of consciousness is one of the ways to fast track you to where you are going. The sooner you realise, or even have a slight inclination, of that thing that is unique about you is the moment you start to pursue knowing you even more. Your potential becomes evident and you gravitate towards maximising it.


Sometimes, whom we consider ourselves is derived from familiarity with others and the nurturing we receive from our environment. The nurturing of our environment has lots to do with who we become as traditional, cultural and religious beliefs are poured into us. As a result, we come to know the parts of us that “they” told us we are. Moving away from familiarity allows us to experience a newness that requires the manifestation of a different layer of us.  When we move away from confinement, we get into a space that is grand enough to enable us to expand.


One of the greatest things to contend with is when we refuse to accept ourselves for who we truly are. This is because of lack of familiarity with others, and as a result, we suppress who we truly are and refuse to accept our true authenticity. We then find ourselves having strong admiration for others and see them as somehow “perfect beings,” while we see ourselves as inadequate and incompetent. Not realising that those people are simply manifesting who they truly are, and because of how comfortable and confident they are, we infer that they are carrying it off exceptionally well. That is where the level of attraction comes from. The very moment we start to embrace who we truly are, and express it with such confidence, others, too, will admire who we are.


The very moment you accept who you are, you become free – to be you and to grow and become. You experience a state of harmony with yourself that is the highest state of contentment. You are free from inner conflict that others who deny their true self struggle with. Many people who suppress their truth live unhealthy and unfulfilling lives. It is through the expression of whom we truly are that we get to experience immense joy and content. It is through accepting who we are that we denounce the things that we are not.


Sometimes, who we are is underdeveloped, and we give up on our true self in our premature state. We must be mindful of the fact that who we are now is not the complete manifestation of all our ability, potential and creativity. Therefore, we cannot afford to judge ourselves prematurely. Through daily personal development, we must commit to becoming better versions of ourselves.  This will improve your awareness, identity, potential and ability, as your inner state of being is continuously nurtured. This is how we are able to add value to ourselves. Our aim in life should then be to experience and express the highest dimension of who we could potentially become. You must give yourself the life you deserve, and the world, too, will benefit from your highest level of contribution.


In the event you are faced with rejection in your premature (or even mature) state of becoming your amazing self, it doesn’t mean that you are incompetent. It simply means that those who rejected you may not know your worth, both present and becoming. Sometimes, people reject you because they are jealous of who you are, and so they prefer to not have you around. Confidence in self will cause you to not be affected by rejection. When you know and accept who you are, you give others time to accept or appreciate your uniqueness. However, in the case where they still find it fitting to reject you, you are confident enough to know that it is their own lost. They are the ones who will miss out on your contribution.


Here are some of the ways you can get to know yourself:

  1. Take a closer look at yourself and learn your core values – Your beliefs shape your attitude, behaviour and decisions. Therefore, it is important to know what truly matters to you and ensure that it is your inner belief, as opposed to adopting a shared belief. So, questions that will help you to identify your beliefs are: How do I feel about that? How do I feel about that treatment? Do I feel the need to contribute to that? Am I giving or doing my best? Am I of service to anyone or anything?
  2. Identify what comes naturally to you – Everyone has something amazingly unique about him/her that flows effortlessly. Someone else would have to maybe spend years learning what flows naturally to you. If you are someone who loves to smile, don’t underestimate the power of that smile. Some people – even when happy inside – don’t like smiling. They come to a conclusion that they don’t like their smile. Others paint, draw, write or sing effortlessly. Doing things effortlessly is a genuine expression of your inner being.
  3. Know your strengths and weaknesses – Your strengths are the easiest parts of you to engage in. Things flow naturally and effortlessly. You are in your zone. Your physical strengths can include, but are not limited to, your abilities, skills, talents or gifts. Your character strength can be that you are loyal, trustworthy, reliable, emotionally intelligent or fair. Acknowledging your strengths gives you superpower and you become confident. On the other hand, identifying your weaknesses is important, too. In doing so, you can consciously decide whether or not you want to nurture them to become part of your strength.
  4. Identify the things that appeases you – The things that you have an interest in will help you identify what works for you and what you should pursue. These things will lead you to great adventures. Things of interest could include your passion or hobbies. Sometimes, we find ourselves gravitating to certain things, and we cannot fathom why we have that level of interest. Yet when we engage with them, we feel ever present and at peace. We feel a sense of belonging.
  5. Allow your inner expression to be free – Sometimes, there is an inner being that is bursting to be free, and we consciously keep it in captivity. This is because we have come to a conclusion that it is not fitting with the environment or social context that we are in. When we allow ourselves to be free, different parts of us will unravel. In these moments, we may even surprise our own self when we identify a new interest and behaviour.

Taken from ‘THE MOVE TOWARDS SELF-ACTUALIZATION – It is time to remove the mask and show up as your authentic self”.

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