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by Judion Smith


Forgiveness doesn’t make us powerless or needy. It is an act that requires great strength. It demonstrate maturity and our ability to exercise control over our situation’.

We must not voluntarily be captivated by the inevitable: pain, rejection, or neglect. Instead we must seek to find and adapt to acts that are beneficial to the quality life we ought to live.

We might question the extent to which forgiveness might set us free and who is the real beneficiary after we participate in such an act. We are very much aware that forgiveness doesn’t possess the power to undo the situation, so what really is there to gain from forgiving?

Forgiveness is the ticket to a free and empowering mind. It is the consciousness that enables us to freely embrace the true intensity of our beautiful existence. Forgiveness is the very key that unlocks situations that aim to hold us captive. It puts us in the driving seat of our lives. Forgiveness puts us in control of our now and claim the rewards of our tomorrow. as it guards us from the negative impact of yesterdays event. When we engage in the activity, there is a ground for captivity and resentment, Receive with love x.

Taken from ‘Beautiful Mind: Even with a Shattered Soul’. Available at www.amazon.co.uk

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