Life Owes You Nothing…You Owe Life Your Everything…

by Judion Smith

To understand the concept of life is to be enlightened about its purpose and discover what it means to you. It is to become conscious of the possibilities, identify our potentials, and accept certain limitations or boundaries. It is also to be accepting of the inevitable, being realistic with our expectation and disciplined enough to make things happen for ourselves. Too often, we succumb to the belief that life owes us something. We are deprived spiritually, mentally, emotionally, financially, and physically, as we anticipate without investment, its manifestation. What we failed to become conscious of, is the fact that we are entrusted beings, carrying the purpose of God from the day we were formed into our mother’s womb. What that means is that, whether or not our parents planned for us, God saw it fit to breathe His breath of substance in us for the era we were born. Therefore, we are born equipped with that which is necessary for the sustaining and evolving of our time. 

The meaning we attached to life is what determines the altitude we experience in life. Without meaning, life has no sense of value, and we limit our potential of experiences and growth. Whatever life means to us is whatever we accept or desire for it to mean. For some, it’s about living a life of fulfilment by living in purpose, while for others it’s about happiness, success and having a fantastic time. Sometimes it is that same meaning our ancestors, culture, race, or family had. It is, however, fundamental that we search for our own meaning by seeking to find facts and truths, over traditions and practices. The side of life that we encounter has much to do with the meaning we attached to it and how open we are to understanding its happenings. An open mind will limit the negative effect that we experience with the inevitable incidents in life. An open mind seeks to understand, learn, and grow. It also adapts, adopts, renews, and transform where necessary. Without meaning, life is misunderstood and unappreciated. Even moments that we would consider unfavourable once understood is appreciated. However, even with meaning, we sometimes feel helpless and hopeless. We sometimes feel defeated and deflated. Rest assured, that these emotions are meant to be short-lived.

One of the core aspects of life is that we are gifted beings. To be entrusted with gifts, talents, and abilities that we were blessed enough to be born with, means that we automatically have a level of responsibility to birth it for the purpose it was intended for. To be blessed with a beautiful voice is not to sing to ourselves but to soothe the heart and soul of others. It is to convey messages in a melodious way that provokes a response and a connection. To be blessed with the ability to write is not to write for ourselves but to use it to convey a message to inform, inspire, uplift, enlighten, and empower each other. One who has a compassion heart is gifted to the extent of being sympathetic, empathetic, understanding and concern. No one person can possess all the gifts. Your gifts make you an ‘expert’ in a particular area. And even if similar to another’s, your personality and character make it different. We must be prepared to give of ourselves our uniqueness. Our expectation of receiving from life should only come after we give of ourselves. After we birth our gifts, then life will express its gratitude by opening up avenues for connection. This is when other people will identify our contribution and respond by doing their part.

Whatever it takes for you to ‘win in life’, you already have it within. Jesus said he came that we might have life and have it more abundantly (John 10:10). Sin was the interference with our access to abundance. Disconnection from the source would mean that we were deprived and so Jesus came so the original plan could be put back in place. God has already equipped us with whatever it takes to maintain and sustain us. We don’t have to rely solely on education to live a blissful life. We were born with gifts that through education can be nurtured and developed. We never have to look outside ourselves for validation of who we are and for what it takes for us to win and prosper. The bible says that ‘our gifts will make room for us’ (Proverbs 18:16). What that means is that, there is a need and a place for our gifts. Someone or something is stagnant or undiscovered until our gift is manifested. Like Esther in the bible who became Queen for the purpose of freeing her people, we are purposeful. Therefore, the aim is to birth our gift by emptying ourselves so we can become full. Full in the sense of feeling fulfilled in knowing that we have used what God has entrusted us with. Therefore, the essence of this post is that life will provide us with a series of opportunities so we can use our gifts, but owes us nothing.

Blessings overflow x.

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