Poetic Souls…

by Judion Smith

Let Your Critics Feed the Warrior in You

No one has the right to broadcast your inabilities; your mess carries potential substance that could evoke your capabilities. No one has the right to criticize your process as you journey towards self fulfilment, making success your ultimate quest.

Someone somewhere has the audacity to see your challenges as a shame. They stand aside and reminisce about your failure, as to them it’s just a game. Someone intentionally withheld the umbrella you needed to shelter you from the rain. But rest assured that your willpower is triggered by the cutting edge of your pain.

You have a responsibility to challenge your challenge. Rise to the occasion as if you are ready to take revenge. Only you owe your destiny the obligation to fight, as you seek to gain the best experience out of this precious thing call life. So let the voice of your critics be your drive to survive and thrive.

You have it within you to oppose your objection, curb your frustration, and withstand your storms. At the end of the day, you will be the product of victory from your endearing battle, a well-polished warrior. And that is by no means the norm.

Judion Smith

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