Published Works

by Judion Smith
Published Works

Conscious Quotes: Mind*Will*Emotion

Conscious quotes will renew your mind, empower your will and ignite your ability to be emotionally intelligent. With over 400 quotes you are destined to be enlightened, motivated and empowered to believe in your potential. Conscious quotes will propel you to be your own change agent in your pursuit of greatness, abundance and contentment. These inspiring words are only effective when you allow them to take root in your spirit, so your dormant gift and ability can manifest.

A Guide for Young Minds: Capturing the Essence of Time

A Guide for Young Minds: Capturing the Essence of Time is about encouraging young minds to identify who they are and manifest their possessions in the correct timing. The desire to live a prosperous and fulfilling life relies heavily on the manifestation of our innate talents, their maximization, and capturing the essence of time. It is essential that we accompany our desires with actions. It is not satisfactory that we desire something for which we are unwilling to make the ultimate sacrifice. Thoughts are just thoughts if they are left in our heads. Dreams are only dreams if they are without manifestation and left for dead. Desires remain desires if we lack the motivation to move us towards making them tangible. We must breathe life into our visions to give them movement. Action is required for the transformation of what appears to us as mere ideas, but in reality are missions that we are already equipped to make possible. We would have been far more evolved had we not failed to manifest that which we were entrusted with. It is therefore fundamental that we acknowledge the true purpose of our lives and our level of responsibility. Life owes us nothing. We owe life everything. We all have dreams and desires. Therefore, my question to you is, If the sky is the limit, why are you still on the ground? Get soaring. Let A Guide for Young Minds be the fuel that propels you to identify who are, manifest what you possess, and make available what the next generation is relying on to live an effective and efficient life.

Beautiful Mind: Even With a Shattered Soul: The restoration of the soul is in the power of the mind

The shattering of our souls is determined by the analysis of our pain. Pain has the ability to poison the core of our being if it is not handled well. When something is inevitable, we must seek to adopt acts that put us in the driving seat of our lives. A beautiful mind is one that, even with a shattered soul, refuses to ride on the crest of emotion and refuses to be captivated by past experiences. Therefore, we must seek acts such as forgiveness in order to be in a position to embrace what each day brings. Unforgiveness imprisons our souls, making us unable to experience peace. Pain doesn’t have to transform us into immoral beings. We must prevent the toxic fumes of our experience from poisoning our existence.

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