Trust the Process to Equip You to Maintain the Result

by Judion Smith

We all have desires to do great things and reap the rewards. Some want to be an honourable, memorable and remarkable hero. Other’s desire may be a bit more self-centred so they can live an affluent lifestyle. Whatever the intention, there is a necessary process to achieving and maintaining success. This process cannot be avoided or sidestepped. The one behind the vision must be well equipped and ready for the result.

Many people resent or quit the process because of the intensity and time required. It is also a testament of many successful people that they too almost quit. What many people do not understand is that it is only through processing that we get to meet different layers of our amazing self.  What we unravel during that process is the parts of us that were unfamiliar but were always there waiting to be discovered. Comprehension is vital for us to understand that the intensity of the process is influenced by the magnitude of our desires. The size of our dreams determines the depth of processing that is necessary.

The growth process does not harm unless the mind which assesses it was already deprived of understanding its benefit. Therefore, the attitude from which we approach it is one that is already defeated because of its preconceived notion. For us to become what we desire, we must be able to learn skills and attain the experience necessary to grow. Some things cannot be taught academically. Learning business models and theories are essential, but the practicality is what put the methods to work and resulted in what works. For one to be a counsellor, the theoretical side alone is not sufficient. Emotions have to be felt. Therefore, they would have to have some experience with pain. The experience brings out the vulnerability to sympathize with another. Thus, the process is necessary to highlight our strength and weaknesses. Some of the benefits of going through the process are:

1.   It equips you to maintain the results — A business that is passed down to a family member who has no knowledge or experience is a business that is likely not to make it to the next generation. Even with the right people in the correct position, he or she would need to have at least a basic knowledge of the business and some level of business acumen. One of the hidden fundamental truths about the process is that sometimes it is more rewarding than the actual result. The process equips you to go again if the results were short-lived. The fact that one will never get to a place where trials, obstacles and hindrances are prohibited means that one has to have a level of resilience, willpower and determination. This is what going through the process equips you with. The results without going through the procedures can be daunting to anyone who has the intention to maintain it.  

2.   It brings out the unknown – Often we fear or doubt things that we never even attempt. We have already concluded that we cannot accomplish such a task. Unknown to us, is that there are so many different layers of us that are untouched and various versions of our self not yet discovered. How many times do we become amazed at the things that we eventually allow ourselves to do?  It is situations that expose who we are and introduce to us our higher self. Attributes such as resilience is not a family trait that can be passed down from one generation to the next. It is gain after one fall and made the conscious decision to rise. Even when we reach our destination, we need resilience. Why? Because life happens, and when it happens, we need to be ready to conquer and overcome. Nowhere in our journey is safe. Therefore, we must be resilient enough to bounce right back.

3.   It brings forth gratitude – A season of lack should only let us appreciate the season of abundance. To go through a season of financial hardship is to know what it feels like to be in survival mode. Many people have inherited or come upon money that they wasted. I can almost assure that this wasn’t their initial intention. Without financial wisdom or season of lack, we will waste what we don’t know the actual value of and what we don’t appreciate. When you reach where you desire after going through the process, you have gratitude for both your journey and destination. When you realise how much it took out of you to get there, you will be sober with your blessings.

The process requires from us to be committed and disciplined. There will be days when we are no longer motivated to carry on due to feeling deflated with all the hindrances or obstacles. On days like these, discipline will keep us going until we once more see the light. Discipline will cause us to be consistent. Never let the process deter you from the result. Allow the process to teach you fighting skills and staying power. One will never know how much strength they have unless they get to a place where being strong was the only choice. Then after they overcome, they realised that they were strong all along. Overcoming a situation will affirm you that you are an overcomer and give you the drive to keep going. It is therefore imperative that we embrace the process so the lessons and experience can launch us even further ahead than we expected.

Receive with love x.

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