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by Judion Smith

Life itself can be challenging at times and we are lead to question the reason for our existence, our will to live and our ability to survive. We find ourselves desiring a thing and when we eventually get it we still feel unfulfilled. We then go on another pursuit to chase another and low and behold we are face with the familiar feeling of discontent. Our days become repetitive, drawn out as we look forward to the weekend.

This is the lifestyle of someone who has yet to identify a life of purpose. It is time for intentional living. Not one day of our life should be wasted. For too long we simply survive and not thrive, as we rely on outside force to motivate and bring us to that height of appeasement and fulfillment. Only to realise that outside influence possess no such power.

Despite the challenges and setbacks in life, we have within us what it takes to live a life of substance. We have within us the ability to rise after we fall, forgive after we have been hurt, try again after we fail and heal after we are wounded. We have it within us whatever it takes to overcome these setbacks that are inevitable.

Your ability to overcome and thrive is limitless. You have strength you are not yet aware of and only certain challenges will reveal. You have it within you to live your best life. You are a carrier of substantial substance and so is the other person. Therefore, it is imperative that we all play out our amazing part. So let us motivate and encourage each other on our journey to manifesting our greatness. Receive with love. x

Our next post will be ‘The 3 Core Principles of Intentional Living’.  

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Danni 13th June 2019 - 7:41 pm

The strength we have in us is from the Spirit of God within us. We just need to utilise it and please God.
I pray that through your post many will be strengthen.

Judion Smith 21st July 2019 - 9:32 pm

Thank you Danni. I couldn’t agree more. Alignment with the Great ‘I Am’ makes everything possible. His strength is necessary when ours are weakened. I too, desire for others to be uplifted and be uplifted by others. Blessings?.

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