You Can…You Will…You Must

by Judion Smith

YOU CANSimply because it’s God’s desire for you. God has entrusted us with gifts and talents, which is one of the many indications that ‘we can.’ Within us is the power and ability to do amazing and incredible things. Our potential and capacity to do what we are passionate about is very much intact. The constraint of knowledge is sometimes the reason behind the limitations we face in our pursuit to make an incredible impact. God said in His word that we perish because of lack of knowledge. The moment we accept that it is possible to increase our ability and fuel our potential, we will be astonished as to how accessible the right information we desire is.

The good book said in 2 Timothy 2:15 ‘Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed.’ Studying your area of interest will enable you to have confidence in professing your knowledge and also assurance in your ability to put it to work. Without the attaining and activation of knowledge, one is not credible in their ability ‘to do’ what they desire. Sometimes, our inability to do what we desire results from our lack of interest in the source that holds what we need, and so we deprive ourselves of the possibilities. For various reasons, we may feel as if some things are impossible for our strength and ability. In moments like these, never forget the infinite source that never runs dry.

There is an ever-flowing of substance in this source to sustain you. This source is our Sovereign God. The creator of all things. With that level of consciousness, you become aware that your ability to do what you passionately desire is possible. Be encouraged by what Paul the Apostle said in Philippians 4:13, ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.’

YOU WILL… Simply because it has now become a part of your consciousness, and it cannot be ignored. Making the declaration that ‘I will’ is to express the desire and willingness to do something. However, it takes a strong desire that is fueled by commitment, consistency, and perseverance to accomplish our goals. Desire is the starting point of achievement. Desire is what birth effort, skills, and courage. The power of the will (willpower) is what determines the outcome. Sometimes our desire can be selfish and serves only ourselves or immediate family. This kind of egocentric desires may sometimes be more challenging to achieve. The more align our desires are with the overall plan, the more possible and effective the results will be. Therefore, we must seek to have our desires aligned with the much higher cause or plan.

The ‘bigger picture’ will provoke a higher level of commitment and discipline from us, as well as make possible the necessary connection with others. The word of God declares in Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have towards you, declare the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you a future.” We are a part of God overall plan. There is nothing more fulfilling than doing that which burns inside of us. That burning thing is called ‘purpose.’ The plans that God has for us are in alignment with the overall purpose. That plan, in return, will cause us to prosper and to the extent of feeling fulfilled. With the consciousness of God’s intention for us, we must willingly and devotedly commit by saying ‘I will.’ Simply because it will fulfill and satisfy us.

YOU MUST… Simple because the bible says in Luke 12:48, ‘to whom much is given, much is required.’ We are gifted and talented beings. What amazes me most is to see someone manifest a gift or talent that they made no effort or investment in. For one to have the ability to soothe or enchant others with a voice that is melodious, and didn’t have to train their voice to be able to sing, is truly divine.

One would then ponder as to how someone can be born with such a voice. I firmly believe that when we find ourselves with an ability to do something effortlessly yet amazing, it is a gift that is accompanied by responsibility. Failure to walk in alignment with that gift will leave us feeling empty. With this feeling, we chase everything else that is outside of ourselves to fill us up. After we are unsuccessful, we then go back to what was originally inside of us. Why? Because the freedom and fulfillment that we seek cannot and will not be found in anything else. It is essential that we empty all that we are full of so we feel worthwhile and fulfilled.

Another reason we ‘must’ is because of our responsibility to this generation and the next. It is time we leave a benchmark by showing them that it can be done. It is so cliché to tell people that things can be done. What is more effective is when we show them. We were strategically born into this era for a reason, the same way Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King was. They have played their part and made a fundamental impact. Therefore, to not manifest the greatness we carry within is to deprive our generation and the one to come.

We have a responsibility to manifest what we were entrusted with. Time is of the essence, and what we carry may be time-sensitive. They say nothing happens before it’s time, but I suppose that there are many missed opportunities. We must be disciplined enough to be committed to achieving our desires. Whatever we lack in pursuing our dreams, we can always acquire. We can do amazing things. All it takes is for us to be disciplined and determined. We must search within ourselves for our passion and heavily pursue that path. We can do whatever we heavily pursue and commit ourselves to. So, put on your ‘can do’ attitude, your ‘I will’ cap and don’t forget your ‘must-do’ shoes, and make it happen.

Receive with love x.

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