You Must Guard Your Peace…At All Cost

by Judion Smith

To be spiritually aligned, whole, complete, fulfilled, with a positive state of wellbeing is the definition of ultimate peace. However, what constitutes fulfilment, completeness and wholesomeness may be different to everyone, especially at the beginning of pursuing that thing they believe is the answer. Sometimes, only to find out in the end, that it was not enough.

The basic concept of peace is said to be the absence of conflict and hostility. One would rationalise this statement as to how is it possible to escape such inevitability when conflict and hostility is not only self-created but also imposed by society and the world at large? So, therefore, is it possible to experience a state of tranquillity and harmony in the midst of chaos? It is said that only when the water reaches inside the boat will it start to sink. Now, that explains the importance of inner peace.

Jesus said in John 14:27, “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” Peace in our heart is inner peace, and so our capacity to make peace with others depends immensely on the peace we have with or within ourselves. For our hearts to not be troubled, we must have harmony in our feelings, our perception and our mental states. Our feelings can very much disturb our emotional state of peace, and we must also be mindful of the perception of our experience. However, in all aspects of our experience, whether objective or subjective, we have a responsibility to maintain the peace God gave us or the one we create for ourselves.

Things that disturb our peace

Worldly desires – sometimes, our desire for things not yet accomplished can put us in a troubled place. We become overwhelmed with pursuing, and we forget to embrace and live in our present moment. What we must be conscious of is that if the world gives us peace, it has the potential to take it back, and so we live in circumstantial happiness. Hence, why Jesus said that His peace is not as the world gives it.

Past experiences – past experiences have the potential to hold us captive, and once brought to the forefront of our mind, they invade our present mental state. The consciousness of our now and living in our present moment enables us to embrace our current reality. Past experiences are already lived, and so to maintain our peace, we must keep the ones that were unfavourable where they belong, and that’s in the past.

Wrong circle – to be around people that are toxic and see things only through a negative lens is very much expensive. It will cost you your peace to hang around with people like that. So, seek to be around people who are very positive and encouraging. Walk in the direction of peace. You owe it to the health and wealth of your mind.

How to protect our peace

Keep our mind on Jesus and feed it with positive things. Isaiah 26:3 said, ‘Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.’ Our mind creates thoughts that are sometimes very intrusive, and become detrimental if we start to entertain them. These thoughts are destructive to our emotions. An available mind is the enemy’s playground. He will manipulate situations and cause them to appear bigger than they really are. A mind that is stayed on Jesus is fuelled by positivity, genuine love, compassion, empathy and the like. It has no space for things of a negative nature that cause us to feel distressed and overwhelmed.

Live in our own truth – Sometimes, the desire to be more and do more is a result of comparison with someone else. We compare our growth and ability to their own. We deny our authentic self to be a carbon copy of them. Who you are is according to God’s desire for you. You are authentic, and your authenticity is your power. All you need to do is position and equip yourself to be all that God created you to be. Love and accept yourself for you. Believe that who you are is enough. See your value and importance in the fact that you were created by a God who is so creative and places inside of you something great. You are just as gifted as someone else but maybe in a different area. Maybe their gift has come to fruition before yours. Maybe they are more confident in using their gift. Give yourself time to become, and in the meantime, appreciate another’s gift because it’s not only for them; their gifts can be of benefit to you. So, find immense peace in accepting, appreciating and loving YOU.

Walk away from people who are poisonous. Bear in mind that I didn’t say ‘hate them.’ Sometimes, we have to love people from a distance. Some people are in places in their lives where their actions are repetitive and destructive. People go through phases and stages, and sometimes, unfortunately, they may refuse to accept their shortcomings and seek change. They need support to survive or overcome their experiences, but they must be receptive and not defensive. Some people are creatures of habit and so, unless they have a new mindset and changed behaviour, you will continue to be their victim. However, when you walk away, never withhold the things they need most.  Those things are prayer and love.

So, remember, the protection of your peace is your responsibility. When faced with the inevitable chaos of life, try your endeavour best to not allow it to get on the inside of you. The boat on top of the water is not in its most detrimental position, even with the possibility of the sea getting rough. Hence, why people go on a cruise for weeks, sailing on water that has the potential to be so deadly. They are in the midst of possible chaos, but the feeling of being safe inside enables them to have a good time. Be encouraged and stay in your place of solidarity because that is what it takes to maintain your sanity in a world that can be so cruel and unkind.  

Stay bless, Judion Smith

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